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Our Testimonials

We engaged Dr. Contardo as a thought partner in crafting an engaging agenda and facilitating a biennial convening for 60+ members of a grant-based higher education learning community, sponsored by our Foundation.  During our partnership, we were pleased to discover that Jeanne’s not afraid to lean into the difficult questions that will foster critical conversations for the stakeholders.  She synthesized a wide range of discussion points and feedback from participants into practical, actionable considerations for our leadership team and the learning community. 


We found her collaboration style to not only demonstrate a deep appreciation for data and research, but also for equity and diversity of voice, and would recommend her to anyone considering transformative and intentional learning.

Shanell Watson, Chief of Staff

Woodward Hines Education Foundation

Jeanne’s ability to cut through the noise of the workforce ecosystem to provide clear, actionable and impactful solutions is superb. 


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeanne since 2021 through the evolution of GET Cities programs and interventions. Her insights and strategy sessions prepared me to deliver quality and education solutions to the tech community I serve. She helped GET Cities with the strategy behind GET Champions and the impact planning for our Hack for Impact series that has planted seeds of impact for more than 200 techies across the ecosystem.


If you or anyone you knoware in need of a strategy that educates, impacts and moves people to action, Jeanne is the person you need on your team. Thank me later. 

Christina L. Glancy, Senior Program Manager

GET Cities

Jeanne has been a critical partner in change within the fundraising team at Greenpeace. She is an outstanding strategist and facilitator who took the time to understand the challenges, key objectives, and activities before even stepping into our team retreat. Her flexibility, collaborative nature, and strategic brain helped us to create the best possible agenda to meet expectations and group objectives. Jeanne also follows up after facilitating to ensure that all the next steps and key ideas are acted upon, as well as to share her insights and observations. Her facilitation style makes everyone feel at home.


Jeanne is funny, compassionate, kind, and tough as nails. She has helped move the work forward at Greenpeace US and we will be using her for our next retreat!

Leslie Allen, Interim Chief Development Officer

Greenpeace USA

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